About Us


Aims and Objects…

  1. That we ensure that the people of Australia will never forget those who left their friends, families, families and all that was dear to them, endured hardships and dangers, and were prepared to sacrifice their lives to protect their country when Australia was attacked by the Japanese in 1942.
  2. That we do everything we can to reinstate the teaching of Australian History in our schools, so that those who come after us will understand that the preservation of our way of life and the heritage of our great country have not been achieved with out sacrifice by those who have gone before us.
  3. That the membership not be restricted to Darwin veterans, but be extended to include other veterans, family and friends of veterans and other interested persons.
  4. That annual memorial services be held at appropriate places on or about the 19th February and that schools and the general public be invited to participate.

More to come…